Robotics and Data Science Camps

The best way to learn is by doing! In our unique one and two week camps specifically designed for high school students, participants not only study but also gain hands-on field experience in critical sciences and technologies. Camps are taught by leading scientists, researchers, and educators.

Key topics include:     


Delve into the world of robotics with an in depth look at some of the industry's most existing research areas, including autonomy, electronics, control systems, and human-robot interaction) 


The world around us is full of amazing interactions between land, water and living creatures. Learn from some of the best in the industry about how advanced technology technology is playing its role in water science and issues, sensing and measurement, pollution control and research into natural variation.


Collecting data is only half the fun! In its is raw form, data can have very little meaning and it requires careful processing to turn it into something useful.

Learn the tricks of the trade in areas including visualization, analysis, processing, 4D data, noise and interpretation.


After your research is complete, you need to let the world know your results! We explore the most effective presentation techniques and ensure you can distribute your findings to the masses. We will cover topics including data visualization, web presentations, presenting results and contributing to scientific research.


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