High quality water data for as little as $18/acre

Platypus is the world leader in low-cost water data collection. Our technicians will bring one or more robots to your site and quickly collect high quality bathymetric, vegetation and/or water quality data.  We'll process it and have it back to you within 72 hours.  The best part is that our price is 1/10th of the cost and 1/10th of the time of manual data collection - and for large areas, we'll even cover the travel costs.   Click here to get a quote on your water body. 

Engineering companies, local and federal governments and environmental organizations are seeing the value in basing decisions on high quality, spatially dense data.  Managing water is expensive and doing it without solid data is throwing away valuable resources. Up to now collecting data to make better decisions was prohibitively expensive, but with Platypus robots and expertise, the equation has changed. We are helping make water management a data driven activity, driving down overall costs and improving outcomes.


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  • Fast and accurate mapping of the bottom of any inland or coastal water body.

  • Partnership with Biobase provides information on vegetation throughout the water column and bottom hardness.

  • Data typically delivered within 72 hours after collection.

  • Wide beam sonar coming mid-2018 -- book now.

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Water Quality

  • Spatially dense water quality information, including DO, EC, Ph, T and more

  • Measure just below the surface or down to 100'

  • Grab clean samples of up to 1 quart at locations of interest for offline analysis

  • Water moves and mixes in complex ways, Platypus can help understand what is really going on to maximize the value of management programs.


  • Platypus engineers have years of field robotics experience and can develop new solutions for novel problems.

  • Ask us about integrating new sensors or working in unusual water bodies or what ever problem stops you managing your water effectively.

  • Contact paul@senseplatypus.com to discuss.

Environment and Education

  • Robots available for sale to academic institutions.

  • Open source software allows for a range of interesting projects.

  • Any student can come to the Pittsburgh office, learn how to use a robot and take it out for free to collect data.