Knowing how much water you have and the topography of the bottom is a critical first step in managing any water body.   Platypus will come out to your site, with one or more robots, and quickly get you maps of the water.   


Water quality

Measuring water quality parameters is critical to managing healthy water.   However, knowing a parameter at a single location at a single point in time, doesn't give the whole picture.   Platypus robots make spatially dense maps of critical water quality parameters, giving you a full understanding of what is going on in a water body.  Understanding mixing patterns, dispersion and variation makes management of any water more efficient.

See here for a case study in The Netherlands


Water stratifies and knowing what is going on under the surface is important for managing the environment.  From salinity stratification to oxygen stratification, what you can measure at the surface is only a small part of the story.  Platypus robots will lower sensors down to 30' to understand the whole water column, not just the top.