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Every aspect of our eating is data driven

Every aspect of our health is data driven

Our purchases of smartphones are data driven

Nearly everything we do is driven by data


Why is it then that we have so little data about our water, the most essential thing to life?


The consultants at Platypus Professional Services (PPS) take this question very seriously. We’re data scientists and roboticists focused on one thing, and that is answering the questions and learning as much as possible about our inland water supplies and their distribution systems.


There are times when our standard survey option can’t meet your application requirements.  For those applications and environments that are unique and require custom solutions, PPS designs and conducts surveys that specifically address the needs of your application.  PPS has worked with a variety of customers (link to partner page), in a variety of settings, in multiple countries:

  • Agriculture - fish farms, pig farms

  • Drilling pad environments

  • Recreation and fishing areas

  • Housing estates built around lakes

  • Rivers, lakes and ponds


Our Aquatical™ service offering consists of two components - Platypus autonomous boats for data capture and the data analytics platform, Aquatical Analytics

Once we understand the specifics of your application (for instance, accessibility, area, attributes of the data set your require), we will design a custom survey solution that will collect, analyze and characterize your water.

For a consultation with a member of the Platypus Professional Services team, please drop us a line at, or complete the form below. We’re eager to learn more, and assess if PPS can assist you.

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