Platypus Biobase Online Booking

Platypus service technicians will use Lutra robots to survey your chosen water body. Our attached sensors collect dense data, allowing the production of detailed reports and bathymetric maps via the Biobase processing system. 

We provide an end-to-end solution, covering data collection, processing and presentation. Simply input the location details of your chosen water body, select the water characteristic you would like mapped, and Platypus will cover all processes to provide your bathymetric map. 

The entire service can cost as low as $18/acre, all inclusive. Clients need to provide a two month window in which the data can be collected - this allows Platypus to combine multiple data collection efforts and therefore keep prices low. Platypus will provide at least two weeks advance notice of when the data will be collected and coordinate on access, if required. 

The Platypus Lutra is not limited to data that can be processed via Biobase. We have compatible sensors and processing facilities in place to collect and map Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and Electrical Conductivity and BioBase stormwater (More details). In addition, our winch system allows us to create vertical profiles of Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature & Electrical Conductivity.