Continuous Monitoring Services

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Quickly generate detailed data across your body of water. As this collection is done autonomously and data provides enough detail for problem areas to be visually located, time can be focused on the many other aspects of an ongoing business.


Avoid the risks of undetected water pollution with dedicated testing carried out autonomously and continuously, ensuring that you can focus on production.

Fish Farming

Enjoy live reports of dissolved oxygen, conveying data to oxygenation systems to ensure perfect conditions are maintained and productivity is at its peak.


Water security personnel can utilize the on-board 5-megapixel camera, checking for any unauthorized objects on their water via the delivered photo stream.



Locate spills or disturbances that are causing problems to the environment without needing volunteers to provide the excessive manpower hours associated with manual testing.

Frequently asked questions

How do I receive the data?

Clients can access data Platypus has collected on their behalf by logging in to the Platypus Water-Quality Database with their free lifetime membership. Here users can see a descriptive overview of their water, view their data shown as an overlay of Google Maps, view current and previous reports to see changes in water quality over time and send reports of any unusual levels directly to local environmental groups

How does continuous water data benefit me?

The Lutra airboat provides solutions for any party concerned about the time and money spent monitoring their body of water. While annual or semi-annual testing often fails to identify problems in their early stages, Platypus’ continuous monitoring service ensures you can target issues before they become dangerous and/or expensive to fix.


How can I interpret the data?

Users can also see water reports of other members locally and around the USA. This allows: Comparison of reports - Are your conditions are similar to those in your county? See where contaminants are coming from - Is your local river polluted? Note: Users can choose to keep their water data private.

How much data do I receive?

Under reasonably calm water conditions, the Lutra airboat can cover approximately two miles per charge. With six sensors attached and each sensor collecting data every yard, the Lutra can collect over 21,000 data points per deployment. This is ample data to deliver a valuable insight into the ongoing health of a pond, lake or river.


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