One time or recurring data collection: Work with Platypus to get information about a river, lake or area of coastal water.

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Know your water

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Using the Lutra airboat, technicians will survey all parts of your water, not just a single location on the edge. By taking samples from points throughout the body of water, Platypus technology provides comprehensive data.

Within a week, you will receive a detailed report letting you know of any potential problems. Typically our sensors collect data every yard, giving over 4,500 data points per acre of water for each sensor attached, allowing visual identification of any problem areas. Platypus can work with you to attach a sensor of your choice, allowing you to test most water properties.

Your data, our tools

All users also receive a membership to the Platypus Water-Quality Database. Here users can:

  • see a descriptive overview of their water, highlighting any problems
  • view their data shown on a overlay of Google Maps
  • view current and previous reports to see changes in water quality over time
  • send reports of any unusual levels directly to local environmental groups

Users can also see water reports of members locally and around the USA. This allows:

  • Comparison of reports - Are your conditions are similar to those in your county?
  • See where contaminants are coming from - Is your local river polluted?

Note: Users can choose to keep their water data private.

Need to go bigger?

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For  detailed water analysis requiring a mass spectrometer or similar high quality surveying device, contact Platypus today to view our larger boats, the Felis (pictured here) or the smaller Serval. Designed to handle the ocean, the Felis uses similar autonomous technology to the Lutra, but handles higher payload sensors such as an onboard mass spectrometer.

 we cost 90% less than Competitors and there is no up front cost!


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