While Platypus techs will go anywhere in the world (we've done projects on 6 of 7 continents, still waiting on a call from Antarctica!), we are partnering with organizations around the world to help plan projects and work with you to manage water better.

In Mexico and Central america


Contact G&G for projects related to water, especially talk to Guillermo Punzo (gpunzo@geoygeo.com.mx) or Angel Diaz Sobrino (ahds@geoygeo.com.mx).  G&G is the leading company in geosynthetics in Mexico, with several large-scale projects in the water and environment sector. They use Platypus robots for bathymetries, a key component in the development of such projects. For more see the company website.

In Australia


Contact Aaron Jenkin at Aquatica Environmental for projects in Australia and surrounding areas.  Aquatica Environmental is a niche environmental consultancy specialising in the study and management of freshwater, estuarine and marine waters.  For more see the company website.

Somewhere else?

We are looking to expand partnerships, get in touch if you are interested.

Platypus and BIOBASE


Platypus has partnered with Biobase to offer integration of their Lowrance HDS-7 or Elite-TI chartplotter into each robotic platform we provide.  These chartplotters collect quality sonar data that can be uploaded to Navico's BioBase, a cloud based platform that provides powerful processing and GIS data management capabilities (www.ciBiobase.com). Our partnership ensures reliable data collection and processing in an easy system that can be managed by a single operator, delivering you the information you need about your body of water!

Sensor Partners


We are excited to partner with Aridea to add an ability to have fixed sensors collect continuous information to supplement Platypus' dense spatial data.